Flowers of the Week: Tulips

One of the things Holland is famous for is its tulips. My friend Lucia and I were walking down the flower market one weekend and she commented how everyone wants tulips from Holland. I recall having visitors who wished they could take these flowers back in Manila but due to airline restrictions, it is not easy to transport tulip bulbs.

So as soon as I moved into my new apartment, I thought, what better way to brighten up the flat than having a bouquet of tulips on my dining table? I went to Albert Cuypmarkt, the famous street market, to get me some spring blooms. During my first two weeks, I have been getting these flowers for 2€ for 10 flowers. But this week, I found a flower shop in the middle of the street market called De Plantenmarkt which sells them for 5,99€ for 50 tulips. Of course these flowers are seasonal so I don't think I will buy fresh ones every week but for now, I would like to indulge and appreciate these Dutch homegrown flowers.

Week 1. These are called Dynasty. These beautiful soft pink petals reveal a bright yellow pistil when in bloom.

Week 2. Because I had two housewarming parties scheduled on this week, I thought that it might be good to have something special for this week. Thus, I got some Dynasty from the previous week (I love the delicate pink color), some Triumph (a.k.a. Mistress), and some lavender. The flat smelled so good all week thanks to the lavender.

Week 3. For this week, these Purple Princes caught my eye. They look so radiant against the green leaves.

Which one's your favorite? :)

Adulting: Wine and Cheese Party

One of the things that an adult must know (in my opinion) is how to throw a party. So for my housewarming party, I decided to throw an easy wine and cheese party. I say it's easy because there's not much preparation needed. Most of the preparation is about thinking of wine and cheese pairings. Here are my picks.

  1. Cheese - I wanted a variety of tastes ranging from mild, fresh and creamy to slightly spicy. So I got some fresh goat cheese, a rich and creamy Brie, a mild blue cheese Fourme d'Ambert, and a creamy and slightly nutty Port Salut.
  2. Wine - The second step is to obviously pair the cheeses with wine.  Since I had about ten guests, I decided to serve white and red wine. To match the Brie and the nutty Port Salut, I got two bottles of Chardonnay and two bottles of Merlot to match the blue cheese and the goat cheese.
  3. Tiny Bites - To add more flavors, I decided to pile on sweet and savory things. I also served some honey, marmalade, pretzel sticks, a variety of salted nuts, charcuterie (salami, prosciutto, ham), bacon wrapped dates with cheese (my boyfriend's favorite), fresh fruits (sliced apples, grapes, strawberries), olives, some crackers, and slices of French bread.

Et voilà, a wine and cheese party!