Summer's Last Hurrah part 2 - Naples

An Italian once told me that the gangster part of Italy is Napoli (better known as Naples in English). Last weekend, I had less than 12 hours to see out for myself. So what to do in Naples for such a short period of time?


Italians love to eat and in Napoli, there's no shortage of good food. Napoli is where pizza margherita (a.k.a. pizza napoletana) originated. So it was only mandatory that we try them out. I was lucky to get to try them not just from one but three of the most popular pizzerias in Napoli.

Pizzeria dal Presidente -  On the wall is a picture of Bill Clinton visiting this pizzeria. No wait, the wall's filled with photos of local and international celebrities on the wall at this pizzeria.

Gino Sorbillo - There's a queue to get into this pizzeria and for good reason. If you want to eat pizza from the chef who trained Italian and Australian Masterchef contestants, you're in the right place. Their pizza margherita bufala costs less than 10 euros and they serve really good red wine. What more can you ask for? P.S. Dolce & Gabbana love their pizza. Perhaps Sorbillo was their inspiration for their pizza dress? :D

Da Michele - If you want to eat where Julia Roberts had pizza in her movie Eat Pray Love, you've just got to go to L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. You can get a really good margherita bufala with double the dose of mozarella for only 4,50 euros. Yummers! I unfortunately have no photo because three pizzerias later, you'll soon realize they all look the same. Haha.

If I were to rank my favorites, I'd say Sorbillo > Michele > Dal Presidente. :)

Anyway, there's also plenty other things to eat aside from pizza. Proof.

But my favorite is this deli in the middle of Via Dei Tribunali called Salumeria Rafele o'Lattaro. There are only four small tables in this deli and they'll ask you to just come back if there are no tables available. But if you are down for some wine, cheese, and antipasti, it's definitely worth the wait. My personal favorites are their salami, prosciutto crudo di parma, and of course, pecorino cheese.


Aside from the food, there'd been two things I enjoyed doing during this short trip -- taking photos of store fronts and street art. :)


I think part of Naples' charm is there are so many things to look at. I like to people watch like a complete weirdo that I am. Bonus, if you're a street photographer, you'd probably have a swell time here because it's just bustling with activities.


And if all else fails, shop.

I hope you enjoyed my not so little entry about Napoli. If you made it this far, grazie mille! I hope you'll stick around until my next adventure. Now where should this tiny Asian travel to next? Feel free to leave me a suggestion on the comments section. 'Til next time! :)