About Vikki

Vikki is a 30-something Filipina based in Amsterdam. She has an extensive list of interests including taking photos, making lists, cooking, getting lost in foreign cities, learning languages, reading books (fiction and non-fiction but preferably fiction), crunching numbers, playing the guitar/ukulele, and writing -- which she hopes one or a few will be a source of income one day.

On weekdays, she sits in one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world and works in operations and supply chain for a German multinational company. On weekends, she can be your photographer in case you are on a holiday in Amsterdam. She will follow you around and take really awesome pictures of your vacation so you don't have to bring an embarrassing selfie stick with you. You will find samples of her work from her Gallery and Blog so feel free to browse away. You can also contact her in case you would like to work with her.

About this blog

This blog is home to Vikki's creative frustrations. You will find travel photos, attempts at portraiture, stuff about her hobbies, and once in a while, stabs at creative writing (or some semblance of it). She has blogged several years ago and none of her entries unfortunately survived. Thus, this site is a tabula rasa of some sort.